My Languages

Updated 4 May 2017

I’ll update this with a cool graphic one day.

Native: eng (US) heb(Ancient)

Very Good: dan swe nob tpi yid (Litvish) heb deu fin spa (EU) Flag for Solomon Islands on Twitter Twemoji 2.2.3 Flag for Vanuatu on Twitter Twemoji 2.2.3

Conversationally Good: gle (Connemara) bre cor polislkalfrapornld

Could Use Significant improvement: cymukrrusitafaosme

Currently Focusing my Learning on: myaafbtha

Currently Learning tiny bits on the side: huntgk(That’s Tajik, not Hungarian)estlaoslkglatukSierra Leone on Twitter Twemoji 2.2.3orimwwgrn


Mission Plans:

May 2017 – Burmese (learning to a tourist level), Gulf Arabic and Thai (learning to a rudimentary tourist level)

June 2017 – Greenlandic (three week improvement mission)

Late June until July 4th – preparing for my second polyglot video

July 2017 – One week of French immersion, one week of Polish immersion, one week of Dutch immersion, and one week of either Ukrainian or Portuguese (EU or BR, to be decided) Immersion.

August 2017 – ?

September 2017 – Hungarian (month-long improvement mission)

October 2017 – Icelandic (Improvement mission)

November 2017 – ?

December 2017 – ?

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